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Today I have finally fund some time to install a proper chain guide to my 640. Thanks to inmates for pointing me in the right direction for the parts I needed for this.

Parts needed:
-54607066100 CHAIN GUIDE REAR ’94
-1 large M6 washer
-1 M6 nut

Note: On KTM 660 Rally they only use the chain guide without retaining plate

This is what we will be replacing

With this

Remove the 2 bolts that hold the old chain guide on the swingarm and be careful, there is a spacer back there.

That spacer will be replaced by the retaining plate front bolt hole.

The bad thing about this upgrade is that you have to take the chain apart. So if you are changing your chain, now it is a good time to add a proper chain guide if you wish.

Once the chain is threaded through the guide, you can start bolting everything back together. Tighten the front bolt just enough so that the whole thing doesn’t fall apart, now align the rear bolt for desired hight.

Now this is where I have been playing around and swapping parts. Since there is really small gap between the rear bolt and sprocket (5mm or 0,20 inch) I have used a collar nut from the front bolt to save on space, and used a new nut and washer on the front as there is more than enough space. Once both bolts are tightend (don’t forget to use Loctite) the thing is rock solid.

That is it. You are done. I feel this is a worthy upgrade to anyone that rides more off road.

Stay safe!



I have recently noticed that a lot of people on different forums were asking about which handguards fit KLE500 and I decidet to make a list of some guards that fit, fit with mods and don’t fit, also I will show how I fitted guards on my KLE. So here goes.

Handguards that fit/fit with mods:
Acerbis Brush Guards, all plastic guard with optional high wind deflectors, fits without any modifications and so do all similar designed guards. For example Madhead
Zeta Racing Handguards, aluminium backbone handguard that fits without any known problems Click
Barkbusters, need to tap the thread Fittting instructions
Polisport Sharp Handguards DO NOT fit KLE500, they are 1cm to short. Here you can see how it looks.

There has also been some suggestions on how to modify handelbars to fit aftermarket guards on.
1. Use a dremel to remove the plug that is welded inside the handelbars so you are able to use the mounting kit that comes with handguards.
2. If you have a machine shop near you or do you have the tools to make spacers and so one, here is a tip form Mendelmax form horizons unlimited forum:

Find some machine shop, that will make you a spacer 10-12 mm thick (I prefer 12 to have some tolerance) with a 21,7mm external diameter and 5mm hole in it, to put the bolt through. You can also cut your original handlebar weight, but I wouldn’t do it in case if you’d like to get back to stock.

You can then easily fit any kind of handlebar. I went that route, still don’t know how will M5 screw withstand the motorcycle fall (haven’t installed it yet, will do it this weekend), but from my calculations, class 10.9 M5 screw should be able to tolerate static tension of 1900kg. Of course this is theoretical value, and will be much lower since the force won’t act along the screw but rather at 90* to it, yet still I thik that these 200kg that this bike can put on it is not enough to break it.

Besides it’s better to let the screw break than to damage the handbars i suppose. It still will absorb a huge amount of impact energy.

Here are the technical drawings of spacer and special bolt that I made for myself. The bolt is a typical M8 DIN 7991 bolt, turned from certain pint into M5 (hope it’s proper english term for it, I mean a kind of rotational grinding). This kind of bolts is attached to most handguards, but usually in 8.8 or lower strenght class. I would recommend buying 10.9 since you will weaken it A LOT by making it M5.
handguard fittment

3. Get an aftermarket handelbars like Renthal, Trailtech,… quite some people had gone down this road.

And now to show you how I fitted handguards to my KLE. The handguards I chose to put on were Madhead guards with turn signals that I had from my previous bike. I had also bought Acerbis high wind deflectors. On the deflectors I had to cut a tab off to fit them to Madhead handguards. Otherwise they were a straight bolt on to the bike. But after removing original bar-end weights I got some bad vibes on the handelbars. So I have ordered a set of aluminium bar end weights in bike color. To fit those on the handelbars with handguards I had to grind the end holes of the guards a few millimeter bigger. All in all the fitting took about 30min from start to end. Here is the list of things that I had used:

1. Madhead handguards with turn signals
2. Acerbis high wind deflectors for Brush guards
3. Acerbis mounting kit for steel handelbars (handguards come with plastic mounts but i wanted metal ones)
4. Bar-end weights in bike color

And here a a few pictures of the guards mounted.

Left guard

Clutch cabel goes above over the guard, all the rest goes under. Notice the silver clamp that holds the guart to the bars. That is from acerbis mounting kit, original is black and plastic and brakes easely.

Brake line has to go over the guard too

Brake fluid reservoir is also covered

If you are looking for a cheap handguard set and aluminium backbone is not top priority thease will work fine for you. They are also very tough, I had dropped the bike once and the only thing that broke off was won of the tabs that hold the turn signal in the guard. See picture below:

And this is how they look on the bike:

Over all these guards do their job very well, protection from wind and outer elements is good, turn signals work without problems, so if you don’t want to spend a fortune on hand protection this is a good way to go.