KTM LC4 640 Enduro

Hey all!

As I have announced a while back, I have sold my KLE and I was looking for a new bike. So after a while, and checking out a few different ones, I have decided to buy myself a Austrian paint shaker, KTM LC4 640 Enduro.

The bike is a 2003 with a 29500km on the clock. It is completely stock, except a full Akrapovic exhaust. It was used as a commuter bike and was really clean. Though there are a few things to fix up, which will be covered in a different post once I get them fixed.

Here are a few close up shots.

Stay safe!

  1. Leprasol says:

    I really liked your KLE, it was one of the reasons I got one for myself (2005 with 5.000km on the clock, black/orange) and I am now slowly improving it and your blog really helps. Now I am looking forward to see, what will you do with the KTM.

    • Ghosty_SLO says:

      I am really glad that some of you find my blog useful πŸ™‚ I have a few plans for the KTM, but all in a good time.

      • vrbi says:

        Did you sell it with modified front forks or with OEM ones?

      • Ghosty_SLO says:

        I have sold the KLE with the OEM forks, as people here don’t like modified bikes.

  2. Atilla says:

    I still check your site often for KLE modifications πŸ™‚

  3. Mr. J says:

    Your KLE blog has been my bible πŸ™‚ my plan is to ride my for a year more and buy myself a used bmw f700gs. Even if it is called a womens bike I think it is the one for me. Greetings from Australia!

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