Kawasaki KLE 500

KLE 500 is one of the Kawaasakis bikes that uses a 500cc paralel twin engine. It has been on the market since 1991. It has been slightly changed in 2005, Z750 style headlight and meaner looking fairing, no changes to the engine, just some small adjustments in gear ratio. They stoped making them in 2007 and it got replaced with Versys 650.
Model from 1991-2005:
kle 1991
from 2005 to 2007:

This bike is seriousely under rated. It has a lot of potencial on and off the road. For the price that you can biy one, you get a lot if bike for your money. I am very happy with my decision to buy one. It had 28000km on the clock when i got it, now after 3 months it has almost 32000km. It is a realy fun bike to ride, also very easy so it is good for biginner riders. It handels great on road, and with wide handelbars and 21″ front tire off road riding is possible with right rubber on the rims :-D. I have ridden it with Metzeler Tourance everywhere as long as there isn’t too deep mud or too narrow trail for the bike. Two up riding doesn’t seem to be a problem, you only need to tighten up the suspention.
As I mentioned before the bike has a lot of potential to make it a adventure bike or a city commuter it all depends on what you add on the bike. Here you can see how a rider customised it for dual sport riding, very interesting to read :-D. So here is the list of what have I done to my bike:
-Top case Givi Maxia 52l
-Puig high screen
-Madhead handguards with turn signal lights and Acerbis high wind deflectors(a bit modified to fit together)
-SW-Motech crash bars
-Bar end weights in bike color
-Aluminium brake and clutch levers in bike color
-LeoVince SBK Slip-on
-Acerbis supermoto front fender
Still to be acquired and mounted:
-Enduro or MX footpegz

For mounting some of these thing I will try and post a mounting “guide” in the modification section of the blog. If you have any questions regarding the bike fell free to ask, if you are looking for KLE 500 forums check blogroll for some links. Here is a picture of my bike with everything mounted:

See ya!

  1. Michal says:

    Your blog about KLE 500 is FANTASTIC! I’m planning to by KLE within few months, and Your entries are just full of all sorts of knowledge!! Thanks and keep up a good work!! Cheers from Poland!

  2. Mitch says:

    Hi there I had a fall with my KLE 500,and I was wondering if you could help me on how to bleed the back break,something you could put on your blog.

    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      I could put that up on the blog, thanks for the idea, but unfortunately I can’t do that before 20. February as I am out of country on a skiing holiday. But if you are in a hurry, check out some youtube videos. Most of the brake systems on bikes work in the same way.

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