Matej Miklavc

NAME: Matej


DATE OF BIRHT: 12.03.1991

COUNTRY: Slovenia

RIDING SINCE: 12.09.2007

BIKE: Honda XL125 Varadero(sold), Kawasaki KLE 500

  1. Dmitrii says:

    Hi. I had read the article about raising the KLE. After its done, doesnt the chain hit the fraim in the middle because its very low… the geomentry of the bike isnt right…?

    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      I don’t understand which part do you mean? I haven’t found any signs of excessive chain or frame wear. I have been aware of the geometry change before I raised the back. The change haven’t brought any bad things to the bike, I like the more agility in the steering that I now have.


  2. Dmitrii says:

    Need some advice. I’ve instaled the modified bones (by your design) today and this is what i’ve noticed: the bike got gigher, looks a lot better then before. But also got stiffer and it seems like the rear suspension doest work that smooth? I undestend that the angles have changed, but is it possible that they are wrong? Did you try changing to other hights? And btw… the spring remains stock and its too weak… and the stiffnes that you get form the bones is lost because when you load the bike the shock is compressed to the max. So i thought, maybe to lower the bike a bit (a bit longer bones), so the suspension will work a little smoother and change the spring for a harder one (a win-win) the tail looks high and when you sit or load the bike, the tail doesnt go much down because the spring helps to hold it.
    What do you think?
    Thnx. Dima.

    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      I have not tried other hights as I am not getting any of these syndroms on my bike. As far as I understand suspension, shorter linkage arms do not compress the shock, only pull the swingarm in and in effect push the shock up(not compress) and in effect lifting the rear of the bike. I used to have a good simulations showing what happens when you change lengths of the arms. I will try to find it and post it here.

      When installing the new arms did you make sure to clean the barrings and lube them with fresh grease? It could be possible that you got some dirt in and the barrings don’t work as they are supposed to. Next thing to try is to change the preload (up or down depending where you have it set now) on the shock. When I raised it I also added a bit more preload, 2 steps up if I remember correctly as the spring was to soft for me, my girl and luggage.

      I wish I could be of better help!

      Cheers, Matej!

  3. Dmitrii says:

    Hello. The thing is that i cant take passangers with me, the spring is to soft, when someone sits in the back the shock is compressed almost to the max, so its very unpleasant to ride. And the bike look very awfull in that state, like its squished. So i thought if i raise the bake, it will look better when loaded.
    Maybe it got stiffer because the angles have changed because the forces are distributed differently?
    The pre load is on the max (the lowest possible). Doesnt help. Allthou i whait 70kg. Wil try checking the bearings, but im sure there fine.

    So the main question is: where did you get the messures for the arms? My bike is from 2002, A12 model, may be they made some chanes is the geometry of the suspensions on newer models, so i need different arms?
    Thnx, Dima.

  4. Giovanni says:

    With this blog you have made a great work for all the owners of KLE.
    I’ve a KLE and I want to say that this site is incredible for the quality of suggeriment, thank you!


  5. Thomas says:

    I can only confirm Giovanni’s post….
    Awsome work and an inspiration for other KLE riders.

    I’m in the progress of tweaking mine, will send you a link once i’m ready.

    Greets Thomas (aka Johnny Drama)

  6. David says:

    Hi Ghosty, I have just bought myself a 2006 KLE 500 as a result of reading some of your great blog. You have inspired me to start modyfing mine. Could you tell me what brand the clutch and brake levers you have on your bike are and where you got them from. I’m in Australia but love the look of yours. Many Thanks, David

    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      Congratulations on your new bike, safe and happy riding. I got the brake and clutch levers and also the bar end weights from the2wheel shop here: Though the prices went up and the design has changed a bit.


      • David says:

        Thanks for a quick reply. That website has some great stuff. Cheers, David

  7. Michal says:

    Hello Matěj, great blog! I had used some of your advices and modification for my bike…works great…! I have one question, how do you fit speedometer cable with high front fender, when my bike have front wheel turned maximaly to left, hose is aslomst in middle of wire holder. where should be high fender catched up …

    • Ghosty_SLO says:

      Can you supply any pictures as I don’t quite understand what is the problem here!

  8. Max says:


    First of I wanten to thank you for writing such an amazing blog, a real wealth of information!

    Now to the point, I have a question.
    I recently became owner of a ’91 kle500.
    After cleaning it rigorously, I discovered that the rear shock is leaking. I’ve searched high and low for a replacement, but all I can find is expensive aftermarket shocks.
    My question for you, do you know if there is a shock from a different bike that would fit the kle500?


    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      Thanks for kind words mate! As for the shock, I read somewhere that a guy used a KLR shock, though I cannot confirm that. Aftermarket shocks are really expensive, the cheapest I have found was a Hagon, but I doubt in their quality. My first choice in aftermarket would be a HyperPro 460 shock. A good suspension does wonders to KLE, I couldn’t belice how much batter it rode when I had put WP froks on my.

      Good luck with your decision and safe riding!

  9. Franz says:

    Hi, could you please send me those new drawings my kle 2003 model. Who made your new dog bones? thank you

  10. IGOR says:

    Lep pozdrav.

    Najprej naj omenim da je blog super. Imam KLE500 letnik 2005 pa me kako je z nastavitvijo ventilov na tem motorju. Trenutno imam 25000km. Ali je motor že zrel za kontrolo ventilov? Po servisni knjižici naj bi se zadeva pogledala pri teh kilometrih, vendar mi je s pooblaščenega servisa dejal da nekje pri 35000 oziroma najkasneje do 40000…Še nekaj me zanima glede oljnega filtra hf204 in 303.Tudi sam sem bil v dilemi kateri filter je pravi pa so mi iz HFloja dejali da je po njihovem katalogu in priporočilih pravi hf204.Razlika je baje le v pritisku ventila v filtru pri katerem se ta odpre v primeru zapacanega ali zaštopanega filtra.Ventil na hf204 naj bi prej odprl.

    Hvala za odgovor glede nastavitve ventilov.

    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      Hvala za lepe besede. Glede ventilov, moj KLE je imel 43.000km in mašinca do takrat mašinca še ni bila odprta. Če motor težko vžiga ali pa se ventili slišijo v tem primeru pa bi svetoval, da se zadeva pregleda.

      Glede filtrov je pa tako da se jaz nisem pogovarjal s fanti pri HF, ko sem opazil razliko v velikosti, sem pač vzel večjega. Po treh menjavah nisem opazil razlike v delovanju. Jaz sem delal servise kar pogosto, na 4000-5000km.


  11. IGOR says:

    Hvala za odgovor….samo še nekaj me zanima..ali je sistem menjave ploščic zadaj enako nezahteven kot spredaj in pa še glede menjave dog bones ročic. Zmontirati nameravam dog bones za znižanje motorja (lowering rings od lust racinga) me zanima ali se da zadevo zamenjat brez problema ?Ali je pri zamenjavi za odstranitev vijakov napoti izpuh oziroma zadnje vilice ali se da vijake brez problema izvleči?.



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