New rubber

Posted: 29/10/2014 in Modifications archives
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Since the bike cam with a used up front Enduro 3 Sahara tyre and a very bad Sava MC23 rear tyre, I have decided I will change those as soon as possible. While I was waiting for the new rubber to arrive, I have also ordered a rim lock for rear wheel.

I have ordered a RFX 2.50 rim lock as it was cheapest and it kinda looked good. To bad Motion-pro lite lock, but they don’t make it in that size.

I was interested how heavy it was.

As for the actual tyres, I went with the tried and tested set up of Mitas Cross tyres.

C-17 Dakar front

And a C-02 rear wheel

When I put them on, I had around 31.000km on the clock, so we will see hoe long do they last on this tyre shredder. Overall I really like them of road, on road you have to be careful in the corners.


Stay safe!


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