Renthal and Barkbusters

Posted: 04/10/2014 in Modifications archives
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From the time I first took my LC4 on a gravel road, I didn’t like the standing position on it. It was to low and to far back for my taste. It felt like I am going to tip over the bars. So I have decide to order a new set of bars. And with new bars, you also need new grips. And everything had to be orange.

I started working on a nice autumn evening. The disassembly went fast. When I took everything apart, I have decided to grind the locating pins on the controls instead of drilling in to the bars.

Looking at OEM Magura bars and Renthal RC High bars, there is quite a difference in the hight.

All the cables were luckily long enough, though not lone enough to use a bar pad that came with the bars. Putting everything back together went quite fast.

And while I was working on the bars, I went ahead and mounted the Barkbuster handguards I had taken from my KLE when I sold it. But with the KTM using fatbars, I had to get a new mounting kit. I got their new BTC-06 kit, I must say that it is a nicely made product, like their guards.

Here is how those look mounted on the bars. They don’t fell as solid as the straight mounts on the 22mm bars, but they clear the cables nicely.

Here are the guards on the bike.

A side view of the guards. I have tipped them a bit downwards to clear my wrists in case I fly over the bars. I don’t want to break my wrists.

Now I only need to wait for good weather to test out the new set up. It felt great on the stand in the garage, but we will see how it turns out in the field.

Stay safe!

  1. marko says:

    great now only U nead MITAS C02 🙂

    • Ghosty_SLO says:

      Mitas tyres are already on the bike 🙂 C-17 Dakar front and, like you said, C-02 on the back. Still have to make a post about them though.

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