First good ride

Posted: 26/09/2014 in Ride reports archives

It was a nice, beautiful, partly cloudy Saturday. It showed like it could start raining, but I didn’t care. I have saddled up my bike and went for a few hour ride. I have set off towards Pavličevo sedlo, through Austria. This route would give me the best conditions to test the bike out on twisty pavement and some gravel roads.

The view from behind the bars

A lonely rode in a lonely world

Taking a break on the way up

It was a good ride up, but as always, what goes up must come down. So I have started my descent towards the border and Solčava valley.

I have taken a quick look into Logarska valley, but the view isn’t that great as it was really cloudy.

In a small town of Solčava I have stopped for a quick cup of tea as it was really cold on the KTM. They have a really nice tourist centre called Rinka, it is worth a visit.

After getting my core temperature back up, I headed back up in to the hills, over to Črna. In a few kilometres out of town I have spotted something interesting just by the road. It looked like someone was carving a bear out of the log.

When I have got on the gravel it quickly got really interesting. I thought I knew how to ride off-road but my beast has quickly proved me wrong. But I have to say that the bike has a used Metzeler Sahara front tyre, to low bars for sanding and it is much lighter than KLE, so I guess it rides differently that what I used to from KLE.

With a few more minutes back to the house I have looked up and didn’t like what I saw.

Hopefully the weather has held up until I got to the garage. It was a nice day for riding and I really had a good time. Riding really is the best medicine for clearing your head.


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