Preflight check

Posted: 16/09/2014 in Repair archives

Hey all!

As I have stated in the my bikes post, I have recently bought a KTM LC4 640 Enduro. And like with all second hand motorized things I buy, I always preform a complete check of the bike and do a service on it. So after having a bike for 2 weeks, I have done the following things:

Changed the brake pads, as the ones on the bike were under the service limit, and brake fluid…IMAG0308

…next on the list was the radiator hose that was leaking, and it still leaks after the change, and coolant…IMAG0304

…also the battery needed to be changed…


…I have found a broken KTM Powerparts filter cover, so I ordered a new one, but instead I got a OEM gasket and plastic cover…



There are a few more things to do, I still have to clean the air filter, I am thinking of just getting a new one as this one might still be the OEM one installed 12 years ago…


… and get a new tachometer cover (those things are really expensive), as the buttons are chewed up and water can get inside..IMG_4509

Also I have a new spark plug ready to go in as soon as I get a proper tool to remove the old one.

Stay safe and keep an eye out on the blog as I have quite a few things to post up!


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