Handguards upgrade

Posted: 03/08/2014 in Modifications archives
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After abusing my MadHead handguards for 6 years (3 on Varadero and 3 on KLE), it’s time for a replacement. If you remember, I have made a post about which handguards fit KLE’s handlebars here. But since I have changed OEM bars for Renthal’s this isn’t a continuation of that post, though those guards are listed as a fit to OEM bars.

So a while ago I ordered a set of new handguards for my bike. I had to wait quite a while for my package to arrive and in the package was this

Yes you see correctly, I have orderd a set of Barkbusters handguards. They sure are expensive as hell, but I have seen them take a lot of abuse without braking so I thought I would be a wise buy. Here are the part numbers for a 22mm (7/8 inch) handlebars:
-BHG15-01 aluminium backbone
-BHG3-OR-WD plastic VPS guard with variable wind deflector
-BHG2 Skid plate for alu backbone

Here are all the plastic parts, they were individually wraped in plastic with all the bolts needed

And the aluminium parts with its hardware. These guards are really beefy, they are made out of 10x20mm aluminium bar.

The installation was easy and fast, but it would have been faster if it wouldn’t be up to KLE’s clutch cable. But more on that later. Here is one new and one old handguard.

I couldn’t decide if I want to have the wind deflectors on or off, so I tried one side out and see how it looked.

And I have decided to keep the wind deflectors on high setting.

Here is the troublesome clutch cable. That metal bend is really bugging me. I will order a custom cable some day, without that miserable bend in it.

No problems on the throttle side.

All finished up.

I am sorry for bad pictures, I only had my phone to document this as my camera has died. Once I get it fixed I will post some better photos of the bike outside the garage.

But until then, stay safe and happy riding.


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