Enguro 2014

Posted: 13/07/2014 in Ride reports archives


On a weekend from 4.-6. July I was in Bosnia on a first time event called Enguro. It was held on a old military airfield in Banja Luka. I have teamed up with 2 other riders from Slovenia, but due to unfortunate circumstances, only two of us made it to Banja Luka.

The day started out quite interesting. After only 400m from the point of meeting the other 2 riders, I got a flat tire.

So 2h after me getting a flat tire, we were finally back on the road heading south. After getting past Zagreb in Croatia we have hit some dirt roads.

We have hit 2 dead ends, one would be ridable if we wouldn’t have been loaded with panniers and camping gear. But we have turned back and headed to the border on road.

Here we have encountered a problem. Our leader has forgot his bike papers and green card at home. So he couldn’t cross the Bosnian part of the border. So only 2 of us could carry on. We have arrived at the destination at 20:30 in the evening. Here is our HQ in the morning before the ride.

There was around 30 of us there, the bikes varied from KLE’s, TTR’s, XT’s Africa Twins, Super Teneres,… As many as there were bikes, there were different tires. From full knobbly tires to slick road tires. Here was a quick stop after a steep and technical decent.

The rest of the terrain varied from fast gravel roads to rocky technical trails.

Midday we took a brake on a river bank, to which only a handfull of us have descended as is was some steep and slippery rocks.

After lunch, we were riding in between 2 mine field’s but unfortunately I didn’t took any pictures of it 😦 But I have a picture of how to get around a big obstacle blocking the road. There were 2 wood trucks on the road and we had to make a detour through some thorns.

The Enguro trail took it’s tool on some bikes

And that is how the day ended. On Sunday morning, we have saddled up and hit the road home. We took a road less travelled on our way to Kozara national park.

Just before the border we took our final brake.

All I have to say is that it was really a great weekend. From riding to drinking and meeting new and old friends. Hopefully there will be a part 2 of this event in September as it was rumoured by the organisers.



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