Gel pad installation

Posted: 30/06/2014 in Modifications archives
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As we all know, KLE has quiet a uncomfortable seat for long rides. And because of that I have ordered a gel pad. It took me a while to find the time to open the seat up and cut out the foam, but it was a easy job anyone can do at home. Here are a few pictures with a few pointers on how to do it.

First lets make one thing clear, I did not reshape the whole seat or the cover, I used the original cover and foam was just cut out to accept the gel pad.

List of needed tools, etc…
– Gel pad of your choice
– Staple gun (high powered electric or pneumatic unit, seat plastic is really hard and a gift warping staple gun is not strong enough)
– Flat head screw driver
– Needle nose pliers
– Very sharp knife
– Sand paper
– Black marker
– Spray glue

First of all you need to decide where on the seat you would like to have the gel, where is your position when riding.

Than use a flat head screw driver and pliers to carefully remove the old staples without tearing the cover

You don’t have to remove the whole seat cover, only remove enough staples so that you can pull the cover back to have enough space to work on

Now that you have exposed your foam, draw a grid on it, where you will have you gel pad. It is important that you make it as central as possible so that the gel won’t be to far on one or the other side

Here is the point of no return, the first cut in to the foam. From here on you need po be very careful when removing foam not to remove to much. Its easy to cut foam away, but a lot harder to add it back on

Work your way around the foam, until you get enough of it out to fit your gel pad. After roughly cutting the space, smooth it out with some sand paper

When you are happy with the smoothness of your foam, spray some glue on the gel pad and on the foam, than press them together firmly

After the glue has cured, you can reinstall the cover. First stretch it to the front, make it nice and tight. Than go and staple the sides back on and your done

Now you are ready to put the seat back on the bike and enjoy your new seat.

So after a few long rides I quite like the gel pad, it take around 45 min to 1 hour more until my back side goes numb and I have to stand up for a while. But it was worth the time and work involved.

Stay safe!


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