Benduro 4, mud, blood, sweat and tears

Posted: 15/05/2014 in Ride reports archives
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Last weekend, from 9.5.-11.5 I have attended a Croatian enduro event called Benduro. It was the first enduro event that I have attended. This was also the fourth time it has been done, and it was very close to Slovenian border, just good 3 hour ride from me. Also 5 other Slovenians were attending the event so we decided to meet up and ride together there as it is illegal to ride off-road here in Slovenia.

So we have arrived at the location on Friday evening, unpack, get to know some new people and drink to much beer 🙂


All kinds of bikes were present, from big bikes…

…we also had one Ural, few Tenere’s,…

…to smaller/lighter bikes…

…to KTM’s.

In the morning we have been divided in 2 groups, hard enduro and soft enduro group. After some convincing after a few beers last night I joined the hard group with all the other Slovenian riders on 2 Tenere’s, 1 KTM Adv640 and 1 DR350. The ride got tough really quickly. First hill climb was fast and rocky at the start and it got muddy so fast I dropped my KLE before I could blink. I really hate MUD, no mater how long the patch of mud was I almost always lost it. It wasn’t bike related problem, it was user error 🙂 On the dry trail there were no big problems or drops of the bike and I have really enjoyed the ride.

All packed up and ready for the ride:

A few shots of the short stops, didn’t have time to take photos on the muddy stuff as I was usually picking up the bike and on the interesting stuff we were really going fast.

When you are in a group with EXC’s, Husabergs, 690 Enduros etc… and you are riding a 200+kg beast, you know you will work up a sweat.

After a bit over half of the day riding, we have stopped for a lunch. There I had a quick chat with one of the guides and decided I will stay behind with 2 other riders as the terrain would get really nasty and I was all out of energy.

So I have said good bye to those guys…

…and waited for the big bikes to arrive.

Riding with the big bikes was nice and relaxing, though terrain on some places was rough and fast flowing. I really like it as I could have relaxed a bit more that I could with the hard group 🙂 We went to visit a lovely waterfall in the middle of nowhere.


Even on foot the terrain was rough and tough going 🙂

But the walk was worth it

Leaving the water fall we headed in a grassy valley, where they have a nice hill climbing spot.

When guides said let it rip, we lunched in to the hill that was coverd with 50-60 cm tall grass.


After a few runs, I got tired, laid down in the grass and watch 2 guys on BMW 1200GSA and Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 tear up trenches in the ground.

Coming back to the base camp was through a little creek that we have started from. It was a nice end to a great day riding, around 130+km.

It was a really nice day riding. The organizers have really gone far with organization, preparation and execution. They have taken a good care of us, good and plenty of food, cheap beer, good accommodation and generally being friendly and helpful all the way.

If you would like to see more pictures and videos from other riders there you can find them on the forum here

Thanks for reading and see you on the road, or even better see you somewhere off the road 🙂


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