Kriega US-5

Posted: 28/01/2014 in Equipment archives


Lets start off this year bloging with a short review of my new pack, the Kriega US-5. If you don’t know Kriega, RevZilla made a short video of the brand and products guide.

Now these pack are supposed to be 100% waterproof, and there is quite a lot of happy users out there. So I thought I would get the smallest one to check it out. Also the bag contents has been changed for 2014->, they added a aluminium hook strap kit to it and raised the price for £10 (~12€), but the plan(hopefully) for my US-5 is to attach it to Hydro-3 and I don’t need the alu hooks for that, so I bought the “old” bag.

So what do you get when buying the US-5. Well you get the bag itself, 2 mounting straps and 2 strap keepers so that they don’t flap around in the wind.

The bag itself is a roll-top design with outer water resistant layer and inner removable white waterproof layer.

On the outside of the bag there is a mesh pocket and a zipped pocket. On the zipped pocket there is a YKK water resistant zipper.


This bag can work as stand alone bag or you can attach it on any of the Kriega backpacks and other dry packs. There is a very long thread about those packs and all of the Kriega gear on and its worth reading.

Stay safe!
Update 17.5.2014

Comming back from enduro meeting in Croatia and having used my Kriega US-5 on my bike for the first time I have to say I am very impressed at how well it worked with Kriega tool roll on the back of my KLE. US-5 is just big enough to hold my tool kit and yet small enough to not interfere with getting on and off the bike. Will definitely getting more Kriega bags in the future as they really are the top of the line.

All packed up at home

After a day of riding


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