Around a country in 4 days Part 2

Posted: 10/11/2013 in Ride reports archives

After a long and wet first day, me and my grandpa woke up to a beautiful cloudless day.

We had a quick breakfast, got our bikes loaded up and head out on the road. Our first challenge was to get to a main road out of the coastal area and not get on the highway. After a lot of wrong turns and dead-ends we finally managed to get to Črni Kal. We have been here yesterday but haven’t stopped because of the rain. But today it would be a shame not to stop and enjoy a great view.

My camrea doesn’t have a program for getting a panoramic view, so I had to take three pictures of the Črni Kal Viaduct. It is the bigges one in Slovenia.

About 15min later we were back on the road, enjoying the weather, open and empty roads, scenery, grabbing a bite to eat,… and before we knew it, we were at our destination for the day. Sitting there in the shade, drinking beer I realised I haven’t take a single picture that day… Ow well, it happens if you are enjoying the ride so much. But I have a few pictures of our destination of the day.

At lunch I have called ahead reserved a room for us at Kanu camp Radenci at Kolpa river. The camp is really beautiful, it is located in a small village so it is peaceful and relaxing. For those who don’t want to camp, like us, they have a few small rooms which are really nice.

Area around the camp is really nice to. There is a river Kolpa nearby where you can go rafting or swimming if you want.

And so the day came to an end and after a few beer’s we went to bed and slep like baby’s.

To be continued…


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