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Posted: 30/10/2013 in Modifications archives
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Hey all!

This is a continuation of my fork change project. At the same time that I have changed the forks, I also changed my tyres as the Heidenau K60 rear was gone after a bit over 7000km.

I chose to try out a knobbly set-up for my KLE. After much research on the best possible tyres, I chose to go with Mitas front and rear. But before I go into detail here is the list of tires I was looking at (this is what I have found out on different forums):
>TKC80: To expensive for its wear rate, not good in mud or soft sand
>Karoo 3: To expensive to be a guinea pig, will wait for some reviews
>MT21: Doesn’t like cold wet roads, otherwise the front is the most used in different combos
>Mitas E09: Rear holds up good, front washes out and has little knobs
>Mitas E10: Simmilar to TKC80, cheaper, worse in wet

In the end I chose to go with a Mitas combo, C17 up fornt and E09 on the rear. I took this combo as it was the cheapest knobbly set-up out there, with 103.99€ delivered.

In person the E09 looks a lot bigger/beefier than on the pictures. So I took a few minutes and measured thread depth. First the C17 front:

And the E09 rear:

So the front has 12mm of thread and on the rear there is almost 14mm of thread. Hopefully I will be able to get around 5000km out of the set.
For a better track-ability I took a picture of the ODO-meter when I got them mounted.

Here are a few pictures of them on the bike:

So far I have only done around 20km so can’t really comment on their performance, but will do a update in the spring when I will have at least a 1000km under my belt.

Stay safe everyone!
Update: 3.8.2014

Well I have had those tires on for the last 2681 km (odometer showing 45807 km) and here is what I have found out so far:
-Good grip on road
-Excellent grip off road
-They are a bit louder than K60’s
-The front is scary the first 200 km’s on road until the sides get a bit rounder from cornering.

The front C-17 tyre started looking like a shark fin, but it still has 8 mm of thread on the high and 5 mm on the low point of it. I am going to get my mechanic to turn it around for me.

Rear is flat and it still has 10 mm of thread on the centre knobs.

But I have to tell you that I have used these tyres 70-80% on road and only about 20-30% off road.


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