Around a country in 4 days Part 1

Posted: 09/10/2013 in Ride reports archives

Well, the summer is over, winter is knocking on the door and another riding season came to an end. It’s getting cold outside and there isn’t much to do, so I thought I would go over my pictures from this year. While I was doing that, I realised I could do another short ride report as there is one ride left that I haven’t written about, yet.

Now where to start… I could go way back when I came upon the idea of riding around our country as close to the border as possible, or I could just get to the point and not waste your time. Hmm… Well I will try to make a longish story short.

It all started last winter when I got the original idea to circle navigate our country alone, with a combination of on-road, gravel and dirt riding, depending which route went closer to the border. I had it more or less planed out, when my grandfather said that he would like to go with me if possible. Since my grandpa celebrated his 70 birthday, I thought what the hell I can do the off-road part next year, he is quite good to still ride at his age. So the planning of the rout had to be done again from scratch as his bike wasn’t made for gravel.

Our ride had a little twist in it. His first day of riding, would be my last day, as we were 180km apart at the start. I made the complete map of the ride in Garmin Mapsource with no pre-planed sleep places, we see how far do we get each day.

I have divided the rout in cca. 200km sectios, as I didn’t want to push it and risk a accident due to fatigue.

So on day 1 we started at 7 in the morning from my place and head west.
First day of the ride was actually the same ride I had made last year when I went to Triglav National Park. So here you can read in more detail as I will skip this part and only add a few pics from this year.


After descending from the top of the highest road in Slovenia, Mangart road, we went for a lunch in a small town of Bovec.

On this day, it was scorching hot, we sat in the shade for around a hour and talked about pushing on to the sea side where my aunt is or staying in Bovec and call it a day. Looking at the weather it said that it will rain in mountain areas so we decided to push on to the sea side, another 200km, for a total of just under 400km in a day.

And so we saddled up and rode off, going south the whole time. Our first stop was in Solkan, I wanted to take a look at the bridge I jumped of a 2 years earlier. No I wasn’t doing a suicide, I was bungee jumping. To bad the access to under the bridge was overgrown.

Here is the video of my jump, a bit poor quality, but you get the idea:

Following the road further south, towards the sea, we noticed a bunch of dark grey clouds heading our way. That didn’t look to promising for our ride ahead. And before we knew it, a downpour started with strong winds. So we took a shelter at the first gas station we meet.

After half an hour, the rain stopped and we could ride again, but the roads were wet and we had to slowed down quite a bit. The weather wasn’t getting any better we tried to make some progress before next downpour. Well it wasn’t long before we had to search for a roof again. This time, luckily, there was a highway maintenance unit there to shelter us. Unfortunately, this storm was a little longer and we had to wait an hour and a half to get riding conditions, the rain haven’t stopped that day at all.

From here on, we have passed Črni Kal and went through Koper and straight to my aunt’s. Arriving there after 12 hours on the road, cold and wet, we were happy to get out of our riding gear, take a hot shower and go to bed.

To be continued…


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