III. International KLE Meeting Gospić Croatia

Posted: 27/09/2013 in Ride reports archives

This year there was a International KLE meeting again. This year it was in Gospić, Croatia. First meeting was in Italy and the second one was in Germany.

So the meeting took place in Gospić, in Croatia, and it is about 400km away. As I have never done so many kilometers in one day I thought it would be a good thing to have some company on this trip. So I found some company from local forum and we decided to meet on the way there and ride together.

So on a sunny Friday morning I set of toward our meeting point, a gas station in Cerknica. On my was there I went over the Jezersko pass and when I got up there the view was amazing

Here is “Team Slovenia” meeting up and later heading down to KLE meeting

Soon after we crossed the border into Croatia it started raining, so the transfer there was a bit on the boring side. After lunch the weather changed and the ride got really great, we made a few stops on the was down there because of the hard seat on KLE.



Late afternoon we arrive at the meeting. We were greeted by the organizers and had set up our camp in a crowd of other KLE riders.


There were a lot of KLE’s probably around 80 of them, and not two of them were the same.







After we have got out of our riding gear and jumed in to some more comfortable clothes, we went to grab a beer and meet some people. This was it for day 1.

On the second day in the morning the weather was nice enought to us to bless us with RAIN… After a quick breakfast we got our bikes ready to head out on a group ride, or more like 3 groups ride. The organizers made 3 routes so everyone got what they wanted. Route 1 was all road, route 2 was gravel/light offroad and route 3 was adventure ride/hard off road. As it was raining and both our tyres were kinda slick we chose to go light off-road. The schedule was that group 1 and 2 meet together somewhere in the middle of the trip and than continue together to lunch spot and group 3 will joun back at lunch.

And so groups 1&2 head out together to a nice view point together and than separate:






At this point, we separated from on-road group and headed out towards some gravel riding. At first the ride was easy going with a good speed for sightseeing and puddle splashing. About half way through our gravel run, we stopped for a few minutes to have a look around:




Here is also a video of the first part of the gravel ride from my riding buddy:

After this after this rest, the riding speeds kept getting higher and higher, and before I knew we were blasting down the straights at 70km/h+ if you wanted to keep up with the leader. We eventually came back to some asphalt and to no surprise there was only 8 of us there, we lost half of our group that didn’t ride as fast as we did. But eventually we were all back together, even the on-road group was with us. While waiting, we took a group photo of Team Slovenia and Team Poland.



When we were all back together and had a 10min break, we headed towards our lunch location with a little detour to a fjord Zavratnica


And now was time to head for lunch, we were all tired and hungry at this stage. Lunch was organised in a small port town of Jablanac. I don’t think that they had ever had so many motorcycles there at the same time. There were bike everywhere, check it out:




After lunch, on of the KLE’s needed anew tube as it picked up a horse shoe nail.


Later that afternoon we got back to the camp site, had a few beers and a nice chat with people there and went to bed. That was the end of the meeting. Next morning we got up quite early and head for home.

If you want to see more pictures here are a few links:
KLE Croatia FB
KLE Italia

Safe riding!

  1. Dmitrii says:

    Awsome! Realy like the orange one. Planing on repainting mine too. =)

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