Oil change

Posted: 06/08/2013 in Repair archives
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It was the time to do an oil change again. And this time I wanted to make a short post about it, because I have made a interesting discovery.

First things first, this year I chose a Yamalube oil instead of Motul. It is the same 10w40 oil with all necessary additives, but as some of my friends have pointed out, Yamalube is supposedly better than Motul. So I bought a 4l can of oil and a new filter.


My local dealer had only HiFlo filters in stock, again. I wanted to get a Champion filter but would have to wait 5 days for it. So next time when I go shopping in Austria in Louis I will buy a few of Champion filters and have them in stock at home for future oil changes.

And so I went to the garage and started the bike, to get oil temperature up a bit, while the bike was running I removed the bash plate and prepared a plastic tank for the old oil.


After the oil was drained, I removed the old filter and opened up the new one. And here is the interesting thing I found out last year but didn’t have my camera with me for pictures.

Yes you see right, 2 different filters for the same bike. The thing that I found out is that pre 2005 (2005 build year included) all use the small filter, HF204. But the 2006 and 2007 versions use the big HF303 filter. Last year I had a old Champion F306 filter that was the same size as HF303, and when I changed it with HF204 I noticed the difference. I don’t know why is it like this, but from now on I will be using the big filters.

With the new filter in place and hand tightened it was time for new oil.

In went exactly 3l of oil, so I have a liter to spare if the level drops, but so far I haven’t noticed any oil loss. So that is it, a quick mini service, I have cleaned the air filter when I was doing the GPS wiring and changed the spark plugs last year.

Safe riding!
9.8.2013 Edit: Well after first 300km with new oil I have found out something interesting. The engine doesn’t vibrate after 5000RPM as it did with Motul. The same vibrations come in play at about 6500RPM, I don’t know why this has happened as I haven’t changed anything else than just oil and filter. So far I like it, hopefully it stays like this, but if something changes I will report back!


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