Wiring the GPS

Posted: 05/08/2013 in Modifications archives
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Hey all!

I am a bit late on my posting here. So today I will show you how I wired up my Garmin 60CSx to the bike’s battery so that it has constant power.

First you need to remove the rear side plastics, seat and tank to get access to the battery and the wiring loom. But before you remove the tank, you have to remove the front side fairing and before that the crash bars. And with all that work needed to be done just to get the tank of it gave me a headache. So I thought what if I try to get the tank off without removing the crash bars and side fairing, only undo the bolts on the side fairing and pop it out of the rubber gourmets.

And so I slowly started to peel off the side fairing and well enough it spaces out just enough to get the tank off, with crash bars and fairing attached:

The only fiddly things are the fuel and vacuum hoses attached to the pet-cock, they could be 2-3cm longer for easier tank removal (first winter job).

After I had the tank of I started looking around for the best cable route from the battery to the handlebars. After a few failed attempts I finally found a good route.

And when the cable gets to the top tripple clamp I have added another plug. So that when I don’t have the GPS on the bike I don’t have a 30cm long cable hanging around waiting to get caught somewhere.
There is a blind plug in it when I have no GPS on the bike to prevent water coming in to the terminals.

And here is the connected GPS cable:

So that is all there is to it. No rocket science :D. And while I had the tank off I also took the opportunity to take the air filter out and clean it:

Safe riding everyone!


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