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Posted: 28/07/2013 in Equipment archives
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Hey all!

I am finally back home for 2 days to sort out a few things and head back on holidays. Just got from the sea side with my girlfriend and tomorrow I am heading off to a 5 day ride with my grandfather (70 years old) around Slovenia, as close to the border as possible.

But before we go I would like to make a post here about how I pack on my bike. It is far from perfect, it also couldn’t work for all people. But it has worked out great for me so far. Before I go into details of what is where, here is the picture of a loaded bike:

So on the bike I have a SW-Motech Enduro tank bag, Moto-Detail soft panniers (not extended) and a waterproof duffel bag.

The packing system is the same for on-road and off road with 1 difference: on-road I use Givi Maxia 52l top box instead of waterproof duffel bag.

And here is what is in my bags:
Right pannier (exhaust side, light items):
-1xZip-off pants
-1xSports suit(long sleve)

Left pannier (heavier stuff):
-1xSleeping bag
-1xChain oil
-Toilet bag (toothbrush, paste, etc…)

Waterproof duffel:

Tank bag:
-2xCharger (MP3 and Phone)
-1xGPS (when not in use)

Extra stuff I carry on me:
-1x2l Camelbak
-1xMobile phone
-1xKnife (no confusion, I always carry a Knife in a hands reach)

Now I know that this may seem a lot of stuff, but in my opinion this is quite a light packing list. Out of curiosity I have took all my gear on a scale to see how heavy/light it actually is.

Here are the results:
Tank bag=2,7kg
Duffel bag=3,5kg
Total=17kg of gear

That is on the bike, plus 3kg on me (camelbak, etc…).

Here is all the gear, riding and packed, on my bed:

There you go, my full packing list, I can ride a weekend trip or a week long trip with ease packed like this (maybe throw in a shirt or two for longer trips).

All the comments and suggestions are appreciated in the comments section below.

Thanks and safe riding!

P.S.:Stay tuned for more stuff coming in the late august! GPS hard-wiring, report from III. International KLE Meeting and more…


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