Garmin 60CSx Handheld GPS

Posted: 27/05/2013 in Equipment archives
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Hey all!

All over the winter I have been looking for a suitable GPS to use on my motorcycle trips this years. I have been set on buying a car GPS, something in range of 1490T. But than one day, when I lost a bidding for a 1490T, I noticed a 60CSx on a very low price and very short time till the end.

And in the anger of not wining the 1490T, I started bidding on a 60CSx. Kid’s when angry don’t be on E-bay :D. In this wake of disappointment, I went over my budget for a GPS. I lost the 1490T because I didn’t want to pay more than 110€ for a GPS, and 30min later I won the 60CSx for 155€, way over my intended budged. Oh well, a few hours of working overtime to fill the gap in my bank account.

Enough of the talking, lets get down to the fun stuff. First of all here are some technical details Garmin 60CSx.

The unit was used, maybe once or twice. I was without a scratch, dent… Just like I bought a new unit. I really liked that. When I connected it to my PC and checked it out, all I found was 7 search results, so I assume that is the most it was used, for seven searches.

Here is the retail package:

Paper work, I forgot to mention I also got a original Italy&Greece maps:

The GPS itself its packed in a cardboard shell:

The shell opened up:

I had a chance to test the GPS out in a car, and I must say that I am very happy with it. I have no regrets in buying it so far.

For setting up your gps for motorcycle riding, mostly dual sport, you might want to check out the where you can find a step-by-step guid on how to set up you 60CSx.

Also as we all know standard mapping on Garmin devices is a bit poor, so a upgrade to more detailed maps is suggested. You can find a lot of info on, it’s full of interesting and helpful articles on how to download and use your maps on your gps and PC.

Soon there will be a set-up guide for mounting it on a KLE, so stay tuned!

  1. Ivan ong says:

    Hi nice

    Was also trying to harness a gps on my xl125. Looked for the cables and car power adaptor for the power for months. But could not find anyone selling that . But found a good workaround that worked for me. Not sure if will be good for others. I just got a 8000mah handphone external battery power pack to power the Gps. Seems to be able to last more than 10hrs hrs on the road.

    To mount it , i simply got a tank bag with clear plastic at the top. Put the battery in the bag . And thread the charger cable in between the zipper clips.

    Can even be used on your iphone/android google maps cos the battery pack can be used on phone also .

    Cheers (thanks again for the varadero svc manuals once again- they were really helpfull).

    Sunny Singapore.

    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      I have thought of a extra battery for GPS, but on a long trip it really isn’t the best solution in my opinion. I am glad it works good for you! Not a problem with the manual, if you need any more info I would be glad to help!



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