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Posted: 08/05/2013 in Modifications archives
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Hey all!

I haven’t posted in some time. I didn’t have a lot of time for riding and working on the bike due to college exams and work. That will hopefully change in about a month or two.

But to keep things interesting around here, I have decided to show you what I am currently working on. Here is the logo to help your imagination a bit:

Yes you have guessed it. I am changing the front forks on my KLE 500. The stock forks could do with a service and spring change, and after looking around at the prices for springs and oil and specialist work to change them, the price was about the same as a complete fork swap.

I have been on a look out on ebay for a good set of forks. I have looked at a lot of different forks, from CR250, WR426, YZ450, WP48,… and loosing quite a few auctions of really good sets of forks. After a month of trying to get a good deal, the luck finally smiled at me and I scored a really clean set of WP43 forks without yokes of a KTM. The owner was convinced that they came off a 2001 640 ADV, but after some research I found out that they are actually from a 2001 640 SC Super Moto, which means that they were not abused off road yet. Picture from ebay seller:

So now I have fork legs, next was a set of yokes/triple trees/clamps. There was not a lot of options on ebay for WP43 forks. Just a few beat up stock KTM clamps that I couldn’t even get in contact with the sellers. But after a few days I got lucky again and scored a set of brand new (never mounted) set of Applied Racing aluminium clamps for WP43 forks. The only drawback is that they came with Fat bar adapters.

So here is the picture of the complete set:

And assembled (crappy cell-phone picture):

I am allready working on designing a new stem that will press into these clamps and accept KLE barrings. With this I had a lot of help form a forum member svestenik who was kind enough to send me some schematics of the stem and all I had to do was to adapt it to my clamps.

Since I will be using a KLE wheel and brake calliper there are a few things left to design and make:
-Fork stops
-Axle spacers
-Ignition holder
-Brake calliper adapter
-Check the speedo unit
-Check the brake hose length
-and the list goes on……

This is not a one week project, hopefully I will be able to finish it some time this year, before the season ends. I also started a topic over at The HUBB if anyone wants to follow and share some ideas.

See ya and safe riding!


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