Sidi Charger Boots First Impression

Posted: 19/03/2013 in Equipment archives
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Well it has been quite a long time since my last post. I have been occupied with work and college and had very little time. So now I am back with a good set of things to post up. So in this short post I would like to do a quick review of the Sidi Charger boots that I have bought myself to replace the 8 year old Probiker Scout boots. Sidi Charger boots are one step down from their premium Crossfire boots.

Lets get to business. The boots come packed in a standard but colourful cardboard box:

Inside the box you find the boots and a bag of goodies:

Before we head on to the boots, lets look at the contents of that bag. Inside there were 4 sets of ankle pivot bolts, a sheet of Sidi stickers, a sheet showing their other items, certificate and cleaning instructions:

Now for the boots themselves. I got them in black, but also exists in white, blue and red.
Here is a picture of them:

Having the boots on in house they were really comfortable. These are my first proper MX boots so I can’t wait until the snow melts and I can give them a test ride.

I will have a bit more to write about them when I have a chance to put a few thousand kilometres on them, but until then, stay safe and happy riding!

Update: 30.10.2013

After a whole season of riding, I think it is time to do a quick overview of the boots performance. I have to say that these are the best boots I have ever had a chance to ride on a motorcycle. Some times they were on me the whole day of riding and I haven’t felt any discomfort or pain in my feet. And there is the felling of a secure ankle when you step down from the pegs and on uneven ground. I also used them on a few rides with my grandpa’s ER5 and I have to say that they didn’t fell bulky or uncomfortable on a street bike. If you are looking for a MX boot and don’t have the funds for a Sidi Crossfire boots, consider these boots. One more thing, they do squeak as all MX boots do.



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