Holiday shopping

Posted: 12/12/2012 in Modifications archives

Hey there!

Well it’s December, its cold, you can’t ride and motorcycle shops have discounts on gear :-D. In the Christmas spirit I started using my visa to max potential. After a few days a nice looking postwoman dropped a few boxes at my door 😀 :-D.
ups post

So what things are waiting a bit warmer days for working in an unheated garage. First of all I bought a 90cc and 120cc fuel tank of off with some brass nipples and silicone tubing to expand the volume of my tutoro oiler, as stock 8ml is only enough for around 400-500km on one refill. A picture of 90cc tank:

Next thing in the boxes were brand new Renthal Enduro High Paris-Dakar handlebars (part number:613-01). They were highly recommended on all forums, they are supposed to be the best 7/8″ bars. Will report back on that some time next year when I get some km’s behind them. This is how they were packed:

And inside there was this:

And to suit the new handlebars I also got a set of new grips. Since I got Renthal bars, might as well get a set of Renthal grips. I went with dual compound orange grips (part number: G155). They are half waffle half diamond textured grips. I was told they wear out quite quickly but I will have to wait until I test them to see how fast they wear out.
Here they are:

I am still looking around the web for a few more things such as new boots and knee protectors, also might do something about that uncomfortable seat, will see what the finance minister will have to say about that :-D.

Have a nice day!

P.S.: As soon as I mount something on the bike there will be a post in modifications section of the blog, so stay tuned.


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