SW-Motech Enduro Tank Bag

Posted: 07/10/2012 in Equipment archives
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For city commuting, a day ride or a long ride a motorcycle tank bag can be a really handy little piece of kit. A tank bag can store enough essential gear to get you where you’re going and back, carrying just the items you need to get around or need to have in a reach without having to get off the bike. There are different tank bags on the market, from small to big ones. They also differ in shape(flat for street and curved for enduro bikes) and in the way they mount from magnetic to strap to special attachments like to a tank ring or a tank cover.

I have been searching for a tank bag for a KLE the whole season. Surfing the internet didn’t produce any reasonable options that would state that it fits or was made for KLE. There was a SW-Motech tank ring tankg bag but at price 120€ for bag and another 25-30€ for a tank ring. So after looking for a new one, and getting nowhere, I started searching our local sites with used motorcycle gear. My theory is if you are not sure if something will fit your motorcycle, buy it cheap or used and save the rest of the money in case the bought item doesn’t fit and you can’t return it.

One day I got lucky, a man was selling his SW-Motech Enduro strap on tank bag that he had on his BMW F650GS. Since GS and KLE have similar tank shapes, I called him and arranged a meeting to see if it will fit my KLE. We meet the next day, checked the bag if it fits and closed the deal.

Here are a few pics when I got home:

Side view



The bag has 3 outside pockets (one at the back side of the bag and one on each side of the bag). It also has a transparent map pocket and a nonslip base which can detach the bag with a zipper.

Nonslip base

Main compartment is big and red

Fitting the bag on the bike:

The bag comes with 2 different mounting options, a plastic hook for round frame bars and a loop strap.

I chose the loop strap fitting as the hook is too small to go around the frame tube, but it fits SW-Motech’s crash bars perfectly.

I took the side covers off the bike and looped the strap around the main frame bar, just below the sub frame tube. On the right side there is plenty of room for the strap, but on the left side you have to take a bit more care because of the cables that are there.

After this just reinstall the side covers. Side covers have a curve right at the spot where the strap comes out from underneath, looks like it was made for for it.

With this done, we move to the front. In the front there is only one strap that should go around the head tube. But I don’t like warping anything around there that could interfere with steering. So I warped it around the top main frame tubes.

Here the strap is not tightened yet, when tightened the strap in the middle goes under the tank.

Leftover strap just tucks under the bag

This is all that is needed to mount it up.

The cockpit view is unobstructed

I forgot to mention before that the bag is also expandable

Even when extended the cockpit stays in full view

After a short test ride I was surprised at how unnoticeable the bag is. It doesn’t move around at all and full turning radius is possible. The only time the bag got a little in the way was when standing on the pegs going in a steep hill off road and when refueling you have to unclip the back straps and turn the bars on one side to clear the gas cap.

Clearing the gas cap

Going for a ride

Safe riding everyone!

  1. Vden says:

    Hi, is it properly waterproof?

  2. varaderofreaks says:

    Haven’t tested it out yet. If you spray it with some of the spray-on water repelants it should be quite waterproof.

    • Vden says:

      Cheers. I decided to go for the Touratech version for my Tenere in the end. I had a Touratech on my R1200R and it was fantastic: waterproof, practical, and I could use it as a backpack as well. Besides, I managed to get it cheaper than the SW Motech, which is a nice bonus.

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