KLE 500 soft pannier racks

Posted: 05/09/2012 in Modifications archives
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For a while now, me and my girlfriend wanted to do a small trip with the bike. But only top-box wasn’t going to be enough for our clothes, and so on (you know how women are :-D). So I bought a set of soft pannier with base plate and a top roll bag. Same as on the picture below.

But as we all know, on adventure bikes and others that have high exhaust you need to buy or make a set of frames to support the bags and keep them away from hot exhaust. I have looked around to buy a set of frames but the prices were to high and I din’t want to spend a fortune on these as they are not constantly used. So I went to the garage with some thin wire and a tape measure to make a template. After a few trys and bad ideas, I finaly chose a design I thought it would work the best. As I dont have welding equipment or any welding skills I gave the template and a quick drawing to my dad to take it to work and have someone make it for me. Well they had made me a set as on the paper. Here it is:

They are made out of 8mm thick stainless steel rods. It is very riggid and not to heavy. I still have to paint them black, but that will have to wait as I am going on a trip.

A few pictures of the frames:

The bolt I made, the long part serves as a replacement of the original bolt that holds the rear carrier, and the short part serves as the mounting point for the rack

Close up on the frame

Clerance from the exhaust without and with bags


With the bags:

With unexpanded bags it’s a bit narrower than the handlebars:

So this is it, if you need anymore info on this, feel free to write me.

Safe riding!

Update 19.9.2012


I was asked by a few people if I could post some measurements of the racks. So here is the picture with the most important measurements.

Safe riding!

  1. Dirk Botha says:

    Those frames are exactly what i need. Just something to keep my bag away from the exhaust. What are the dimensions? Any additional info would be appreciated. Want to get those frames sorted out so i can do long trip by die the end of the year.

    • varaderofreaks says:

      I have posted a picture with measurements on the blog, If you need any more info about these racks feel free to contact me.

  2. damianfuller says:

    Rack setup looks good, nice simple design. A few questions if you don’t mind – How did they perform on your trip? They are further forward then I was expecting – did your girl go ok reaching the pegs? Also is your exhaust stock or after market? It seems quite different to the stock exhaust I have on my 2005 KLE 500. Thanks!

    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      I don’t mind the questions at all 🙂

      The racks preformed very well, no sagging or moving. The only thing that I have to do is to get a set of ROK Straps as ordinary bungee cord is to soft to hold the bags to the racks, bags were jumping up and down on speed bumps and pot holes. Here is the link to official site and here is the link to advrider forum discussion. Yes the bags are quite far forward, but it didn’t bother my girl, her legs were following the curve of the bags and provided some support during hill climbs and acceleration. Though I will make her a new foot peg position a bit forward and down for this year to be more comfortable for those long rides.

      This exhaust was mounted on by a first owner, it is the left exhaust from a Yamaha FZR 600 carbon Leo Vince. I will be changing it this spring as the carbon has rotted away around the rivets.

      If you need anything else I will be happy to help you out mate!

  3. Yavuz says:

    Nice job well done. The question is what happens when you drop the bike with luggage on (which will eventually happen). A second connection to the frame is advisable (third is even better)

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