2012 camping trip to Triglav national Park on KLE 500

Posted: 05/09/2012 in Ride reports archives
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I know there are not a lot of ride reports on here since I ride mostly alone and when I ride alone I usually don’t stop to take pictures. But today I will try to post a RR of the trip I made in the beginning of August. It will have a lot of pictures (more than 40) and not to much text, only the necessary one.

Well it all started on a sunny Monday, 6. August, that I decided I want to do a bit longer trip to Triglav National Park. But there is a bit of a problem, I don’t have ANY camping gear. So I decided to postpone the trip for 2 days and get the right gear and leave on Wednesday. Ok that is seateld, but now I have to find some gear… I went down to the closest Sports Direct shop and had a look around. Since I was on a tight budget I couldn’t buy a top quality gear, so I took middle range gear, not to expensive but still quite good quality. I bought a Karrimor X-Lite X2t tent, X-lite sleeping bag (it says 680g on the packing, but when packed in a stuff bag it has 750g), X-lite self-inflating pillow and a Campri 6-cell inflating mattress. With the gear it was all about being light, complete camping gear weighted 4108g. (there will be a gear page soon on the blog).

From left to right: Tent, sleeping bag, self-inflating pillow and air mattress

So I got my gear, now have to pack everything up. All of my traveling equipment (camping gear, clothes, etc.) weighs a lot more than I can safely put in my top case, though it fits nicely inside (Maxxia 52l). After looking around in the garage I have found my panniers and roll bag set I bought earlier this season. So I mounted up the base plate to the seat and attached to roll bag. It look good and it fitted nicely on the passenger seat. Leaving my top-case empty for my helmet and jacket when sight seeing.

The yellow bungee strap is there to compress the roll so it didn’t hit me on my kidneys when shaking.

On a bit cloudy Wednesday morning at 9 o’clock I started my trip. So a took of from my home town Mežica north over the border in to Austria and near Bleiburg turned left (west). That road took me towards my first mountain pass Ljubelj (Loiblpass in German: N46*25’57.22″; E14*15’36.92″).

The view was nice:

From here the road took me to my grandfathers brother in Begunje na Gorenjskem (N46*22’30.17″; E14*11’53.92″) for a quick visit. I continued my ride towards Kranjska gora through Jesenice. Once in Kranjska gora I followed the road to Planica (N46*28’37.30″; E13*43’23.89″).

I parked my bike in the shadow of some trees, put the helmet in the case and locked them up. I always wanted to see what kind of a view is from up there and what ski jumpers see when they are on top of a 250m beast of a ski jump. But going up there on foot at 13:00 and 30+ degrees outside and in a full motorcycling gear was a pretty BAD idea :-D. I almost cocked in all my gear before I reached the top.

At the beginning of the ascent

Half way up, landing for these guys if freakin’ steep

Judges tower, I think 😛

Almost on the top

After about 20-25min I finally reached the top, I was wet like somebody threw me in a lake but the view from the top was well worth it. Check it out:

These guys sure have guts to jump here

And this is where jumpers wait for their turn on the beast

So I was on the top, had a bit of a rest and now its time to go back down. Going down presented to be almost more difficult than going up. I was going up on the right side of the jump where there is a bit of gravel and woods in between, but I was going to go down on the left (check the first pic to see where i went up and down). On the left side there were steep and squeaky alu stairs that had 1m hole under them, oh and they were seriously STEEP!

When I got back down, I quickly dried my back protector and shirt on some black metal sheet that was lying near the bike (it was HOT :-D). When I was leaving Planica I made one final shot of the ski jumps, 2 of them are being repaired.

After this workout I really needed a good lunch, so I head over to Rateče to find something to eat. I found a nice local diner just off the road, also 3 German riders (2 on BMW 1200gs and one on Africa Twin 750) just rolled in a few second before me. The lunch was good and I regained my strengths, so it was time to carry on riding.

I left Slovenia for the second time, but this time I was going into Italy. I have never been to Italy before on my own so I was a bit lost. All I knew was I had to get to Trbiž (Italian: Treviso: N46*30’14.62″; E13*35’09.02″) and from there towards the mountain pass Predel (Italian: Passo di Predil N46*25’06.30″; E13*34’41.04″). On the way up I stopped at an old ruins of a fort from first world war (N46*25’09.48″; E13*34’25.76″).

After looking around in the fort I went back on the bike and across the border back in to Slovenia. Some funny clouds started to gather up.

Going down the road I come to a crossroad where one road leads in to the valley and one up the hill towards Mangart 2679m. Up here goes the highest road in Slovenia, stopping at 2072m above see level. The road is narrow and quite steep, a car and a bike is a tight fit, I don’t imagine a car and BMW 1200gs with big alu panniers to pass each other without some problems (don’t even want to think how it is if 2 cars meet). But overall the road is fun to ride and has a great view. There is no guard rail here so if you mess something up, you go down a 100+m cliff (or very steep and rocky hillside). Here are a few pics, but really you have to see this for yourself it is just amazing.

Signs of an avalanche a few years ago

Tunels are carved in to rock face, there is 8 of them, I think

Ahh the view

Almost at the top, coming around the corner I almost killed myself and a sheep that was passing the road. She didn’t even got scared, it was like I wasn’t even there. After a good scare I got to the top, 2072m above sea level 😀

Steep downhill I was talking about, if you miss the road, you are dead

It was nice going up, but I wasn’t looking forward to going down. I generally don’t like going down. But that is the part of going up so better get used to it :-D. Oh by the way, I forgot to mention this before but there is a eco tax to be paid at the start of the road, its only 5€ so no big problems there.

It was getting late in the afternoon and it was time to go find a camp site and put the tent up for the firs time and dry my gear for the next day. So I road down to Bovec to find a camp site there. There was one but I didn’t like it at the first sight so I left there and went further up the road, about 10km, to find camp Soča. I liked this camp a lot as it was away from the main road and near the beautiful river Soča. I found myself a nice spot and started unpacking. Here is my camp site:

The tent is up

My bedroom for the night

Drying clothes, pants missing over the seat 😀

Don’t put you motorcycle to close to the tent in case it falls over during the night

These clouds didn’t look good, it started raining later

After a rainy night, I woke up in a beautiful morning with sapphire blue sky

My battery was low from listening music before sleep so I had to charge it before I left

So first day was behind me and a new one coming my way. This was supposed to be a 3 day trip, but when I started to pack up and wanted to take down the tent, it did that on it’s own. I had a bad seam and the front pole punctured through the sown fabric and collapsed. DAMN!!! Oh well, gonna cut this trip one day short I guess. So I paid for the camp site and started to think where to go. Going south to the sea side was not an option with a broken tent. So I went north towards another mountain pass. This pass is called Vršič (N46*26’03.78″; E13*44’36.31″). The road up here has 50 serpentine turns, 26 on the Trenta side(this is the side I was starting from) and 24 on Kranjska Gora side. I have started my ride at 9 o’clock in the morning, and the fog was still rising from Soča, it was a bit chilly but very beautiful, I was in the shadows and mountain tops were in the morning sun.

On the way up I came behind a van, and with no space to overtake I decided to take a rest on the first good spot. This road was build in the first world war and I have stopped at a telpher line. More info on this on the picture here:

And the view from this station

After a few minutes here I set of towards the top. I don’t have any pics from the top as it was very foggy so I started my descent towards Kranjska gora. On the way down I spotted a small chapel. It was a Russian chapel built in memory of 300 Russian prisoners that lost their lives in an avalanche while building this road.

Back on the bike going down to Kranjska gora. Just before Kranjska gora I saw a lake that I wanted to check out. At this lake they have a statue of Zlatorog (a direct translation would be Goldhorn), a mythical animal that lived in these alps.

After this stop I backtracked my route. From Kranjska gora through Jesenice to my grandfathers brother in Begunje na Gorenjskem over the Ljubelj pass through Austria back to Mežica.

So to summarize I have done around 400km in 2 days and went over 5 mountain passes. It was a nice trip, I will sure do a longer one next year. Also when I got home I took the tent back to the shop where they gave me a full refund:D.

Safe riding everyone!

P.S.: *(star) represents degress as I do not know how to make the correct symbol!

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    Razmišljal sem eno, napisal pa čisto drugo

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