Changing brake pads on KLE 500

Posted: 28/08/2012 in Repair archives
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Today I have got a new set of brake pads for my KLE. They are EBC Sintered HH pads. They are suposed to be high preformance pads, THE best for KLE. I will have to do a some riding to confirm that, but they were the most expensive ones I could get.

Here they are:

EBC part number for KLE500 is FA129HH

Since there is nothing about changeing brake pads in service manual I will try to make a quick quide on how to do it.

Step 1:
Remove two bolts that hold the caliper to the fork down tube

Step 2:
Remove old pads

You do not have to completely dissasembe the caliper to get the pads out. Here is a little trick I have learned from HU forum member Jameseye:

Remove smaller pad first and then (here is the trick!) remove the larger pad from the pins by pushing on the exposed end of the pin that DOES NOT HAVE the rubber thingy protruding from the piston side of the caliper. With a little patience and a gentle wiggle, the large pad can be removed as there is just enough space to allow it to slide off the aforementioned pin.

Once you have removed the old pads, clean up the caliper and pistons.

Step 3:
Open up the brake fluid reservoar and wrap it with some cloth so when you push the cylinders in the “new pad position” you dont get the fluid all over the bike.

Step 4:
Push the cylinders in the caliper as far as they go. Just be careful you dont damage them.

Step 5:
Instal new brake pads in oposite order of step 2.

Step 6:
Mount the caliper back on

Step 7:
Check for oil level in the reservouar and add oil if necesary than close it up.


This is all that there is to brake pad change. Here are a few pictures of mounted pads (I do not have pics for all steps as I couldnt work with gloves and than got my hands to dirty to hold a camera.)

Nice and new

A lot of “meat” on new pads

Safe riding everyone!

  1. michael bell says:

    great thanks pictures help

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