Fun ride out!

Posted: 06/08/2012 in Ride reports archives

Hi there!

On Sunday 5. Avg. 2012 the freaks were out on a ride together after a loooong time. It was a nice ride and fun ride. We have had some on road riding over a mountain pass Pavličevo sedlo and some off-road from Solčava to Črna. On the off-road part I have almost lost my license plate. It got stuck in the tire and broke off. Luckily Simon was ridding behind me to spot it and blow the horn to stop.

Our route started at my place in Mežica(N46*30’59.73″; E14*51’17.98″) going north over the border in Austria. From there we went for the town of Bad Einsekappel(N46*29’17.39″; E14*35’33.84″) and up the hill to the pass Pavličevo Sedlo(N46*25’00.15″; E14*35’00.00″). Decent from Pavličevo sedelo lead us pass Logarska dolina(N46*25’07.94″; E14*38’29.92″), a very beautiful valley in the mountains with a waterfall Rinka, and in to Solčava(N46*25’09.95″; E14*41’39.44″). From Solčava we went over some hills in to Črna na Koroškem(N46*28’13.61″; E14*51’00.10″). From there it was just a quick ride to Simons house in Prevalje(N46*32’50.11″; E14*55’44.04″). After a good and HOT ride the pool Simon has was a good refreshment :-D.


Have a nice day.

P.S.: Star(*) represents degrees as I don’t know how to make the correct symbol.


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