Regular maintenance on KLE 500

Posted: 18/07/2012 in Repair archives
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After a good year of owning my KLE it deserved a good service. Previous owners kind of neglected the bike, only changed oil and oil filter. But today I did a full service on in it, cooling liquid, spark plugs, brake fluid, I have changed air filter a while ago (check blog). SO after 7 years spark plugs were all rusted and space between electrodes was way too big, coolant was all green and full of stains, brake fluid was almost like black water. Its to bad that people don?t take a bit more care for their bikes. This whole service didn’t cost me more than 40€(spark plugs, brake fluid, 1l coolant and 1l distilled water for mix, I didn’t count air filter in here as that alone was cca. 75€ because its a DNA high flow filter).

Here are some pics from service:

Bad condition of spark plugs

Fresh cooling liquid, clean blue color

So a quick word of advice: Take a good care of your bike, it will go a long way and it doesn’t cost a fortune. You will be happier and feel better out on the road when you know everything is in mint condition.

Have a nice day!

  1. ouachekh says:


    thanks for this helpful blog ..i have a 2006 KLE 500 and its a good bike really i love riding it in the trails and roads such a fun bike

    i have a bit of slight issue about the cam chain i hear a small noise in the engine and i don’t fell happy about it

    the bike is 30000km and judging it it look like other owner don’t take care

    in my opinion i think its only the cam tensioner i think ? right

    or the valve ??


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