DNA Filter for KLE 500

Posted: 29/05/2012 in Modifications archives
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Well it has been a long time since my last post here, been occupied at work and the weather wasn’t to good either. But I had a few hours to do some wrenching on the bike. I have ordered a DNA high flow air filter for my bike. I got it directly from the factory in Greece, took 6 days to arrive via UPS. Here is the link to the filter, I also got a service kit for it but it’s not necessary to buy it when you buy the filter as it comes pre-oiled(it should last from 10.000 to 25.000km before servicing, depending on ridding conditions) and ready to install on the bike. Total cost for it was 73€ with service kit and postage.

Filter pack:


Service kit came packed separatly:

(Dont mind the Jagermaister in the back, it was a birth day present :-D)

So I went to the garage and started taking the bike appart. Bad design to put the air filter unit under the tank. It took me around 25min to dissasemble the whole bike. Once at the air filter unit I took the old filter out and found this:

So the old filter was dirty, but it was still the original filter and the bike had 30.000km on the clock. After butting in a new filter I have also change the intake snorkel. I got my hands on a 1992 model snorkel that has a bigger intake pipe.

More air = more power… Well not in this case. With this snorkel on the bike got to much air and ran lean. To run propperly I would have to change jets and needels(there were a few things that I liked while running lean: ran smoother, less vibrations on low revs,… but running lead didn’t produce enough power and you can seriousely damage the engine if you run it lean). So I went back to the stock one. With the DNA filter installed, bike ran smoother, it revs up a lot smoother and it got better throttle response, Fuel consumption also got better.

Over all I am happy with the new filter and it was worth the money spent on it. Next thing on the list to do is changing the spark plugs as the old ones are rusted all over…

See ya!

  1. steve says:

    hi what way round does the filter go in as it does not have the slots nipple to guide it in? like the standard one? the dna has to large notch at front and to small at rear. i have put the large notch to the front where you fit the snorkle. to me it looks like it could drop down as there is nothing to hold it in place only the sponge on the edges. any advice would be grateful thanks

  2. Ted says:

    I have just two days ago purchased a 2007 KLE, two of my mates have them also. As with all bikes I have bought I first give them a thorough wash as this finds all the problem areas. Why make it so difficult to get to the air box and filter? Carbies look a tight fit!! The bike needs two new tyres, maybe Dunlop 605’s. Battery died in my garage, .. thankfully not miles from home. Will now look for a new exhaust as this model has 3!! cats. Thanks for the pics, I don’t know the condition of the air filter but will buy a DNA, thanks for the address.
    Bye for now.

    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      Congratulation on your new bike, you made a good choice, happy and safe riding. I am glad that you found something for you here. If you have any pictures you want posted you can send them to my mail and I will post them up on here.


    • steve says:

      hi i have just fitted new tyres for my kle 500 contitrail attack road tyres from oponeo.co.uk and if your looking for a new slip on exhaust can try the new. gpr furore nero. with all fittings and link pipe you can pick it up for £200 + free delivery from moto legends.co.uk web site looks good to. hope this helps

    • steve says:

      hi better link furore web site….gpr-motorcycle-exhausts.co.uk

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