Taking care of those little things, that make a bike better!

Posted: 31/03/2012 in Modifications archives


Last few weeks we had a fantastic weather, temperatures were around 20 degrease so I have been riding quite a lot. But I have also been working on the bike a bit. I have also bought myself a set of 1/2″ sockets so working on the bike will be easier.

Next thing I did was to fix the license plate up differently. Originally it is just slid in a plastic frame, but this is not a good mounting method. It vibrates and moves a lot in that frame, it is annoying and also you can lose the plat off road. So I took off that plastic frame and drilled two holes int the license plate and bolted it directly on the bike. The nasty vibrating sound is gone and I will never lose it now 😀

I have also been looking around for a cheap chain oiller as i hate these spray-on chain lubes. All they do is make the chain sticky so that dirt and all other crap can stick to it and mess up the chain and sprockets. I have decided to go with Tutoro Chain Oiler as it was the cheapest and most easy set up. I will talk more about this oiler in the comming weeks whenI mount it to the bike. A sneek view of the kit that I ordered:

That is all for now, see ya!



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