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Posted: 08/01/2012 in Modifications archives
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Hello all!

As we all know winter is the time that we mostly spend inside our houses sitting in front of TV or computer screens instead of in a saddle of our motorcycles. This time is also great for thinking through what you want to change, add, modify on your bike. Here are a few things that I am currently working on:

1. Redesigned “dog bones”:

Here you can see that i have repaired the design error I made on the first set. I will have this set cut out sometime next month.

2. Center stand:

This is a right hand carrier plate for the center stand for KLE’s from 2005->. This is not in correct scale at the moment. It has to get warmer here so I can go and take some measurements from the bike in the garage. Left side is still in designing stage.

3. Hazard lights:

I have been talking to uncle Google how to make a hazard lights application on this bike. I just don’t feel safe standing in dark at the end of the lane at traffic light where the road is being repaired so i decided to somehow make these lights a top priority on my “to do” list for KLE. After hour of search i have found a topic on hotizon unlimited and wild dog forums a topic that was made by a user Tweespoor explaining in detail how this is made. I am closely following his steps as it is a good and easy way to do this modification.

So here you go, this is part of my “to do” list for spring weekends when its warm enough to work on the bike and to cold for riding it.

See ya!

  1. Yury says:

    Hi! you have great and informative blog. read through it with interest

    could you please share the autocad file for the bones? also you increased the thickness from 5 to 6 mm – is there any particular reason? thanks in advance and greetings from Ukrane

    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      I am glad you found the blog informative, I try to keep it interesting and helpful. Original bones are 6mm, the first company that cut them out for me had a week laser and could only cut through 5mm of inox max. So when I revised the design I went to a different company that can cut up to 12mm inox. Here is a dropbox link for you to download the .dwg file. It is a autocad2010 file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/itgion35e1c4mgq/KLE500%20licage%20arms.dwg

      • Yury says:

        Thanks! already done and rode above 1500 km, more than half – different kinds of country-side roads from just bad to complete off-road. it’s great improvement!
        now looking for “new” shock absorber (my current spring is too tired after 70+ kkm) to make it even better.

        are you planing to come to kle fest in Hospic? I definitely owe you few drinks!)))

      • Ghosty_SLO says:

        Glad that you like the change. I first opted for front forks this year and rear shock next year. Will see you in Gospic, me and another fellow KLE rider are coming down to have a look around 🙂

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