Last ride of 2011

Posted: 04/11/2011 in Ride reports archives

Hi there!

On monday the 31.10.2011 I had my last long ride in this year. With winter knocking on the door and temperatures not riseing above 10 degrees Celsius in mid-day it is time to colse the riding season. So on monday I had the time and all the parts to go to my grandparents and fix the bike. Changing the reg/rec took about 30min and than the first start with new components. No surprise to me it fired up in the first try, so i checked the voltage and it was roughly 14.5V, perfect.

So i gear up and set out on the open roads. Sun was shining and there was littel trafic and I enjoyed the ride as much as I could. With 15 degrease outside it was not to cold to ride, there was a lot of other “last minute” riders on the road to.

But all changed when i got cloaser to home. Last 50km were to cold for comfort, temperature fell for 7-8 degreas outside here in the hills so with summer gloves was not a pleasent ride. But i got home safe and sound. Got my self a cup of tee and put the bike in garage for the day. If weather will be on my side i could do some short runs round the towns gravel roads but that is it for this year. See you nex year on new rides and adventures.

See ya!

P.S.: That doesnt mean the blog will stop operating for the nex 4-5 months of winnter. I will try to put some modification and repair reports on through the winter. So stay tuned


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