Kawasaki KLE 500 regulator/rectifier

Posted: 09/10/2011 in Repair archives
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So after 6 years of use and 32000km ridden the regulator/rectifier finaly decidet to kill it self(for those of you who dont know where it is located: left hand side back panel, behind cooling-water can, a black thing whit heatsink and 6 wires go out of it). And as you all know these thing allways fail when you dont expect. I was on a ride to may grandparrents, a 170km long ride, and somewhere on the wey the damn thing started filling the battery with almost 20V. As I was riding I havent noticed it untill it was to late. The acid in the battery boiled and the battery casing was as rubber. It almost burrend the cabels and CDI unit above the battery. So what was the damage: a dead regulator of coure and a dead battery(2 months old :-S), all the wireing harnes is luckly intact. This is going to be a big minus in my valet. A 120€ for new reg/rec and another 60-70€for a new battery, which probobaly wont be possible to change with warranty. After this happened I have shearched the web for some more info and found out that reg/rec usualy fails at this age or kilometers. So all of you who have this old KLE’s be sure to check the regulator from time to time, or invest in dashboard voltmeters like a lot of XRV750 riders are doing, I will get something like that to through this winter. Pictures follow in the next 10-20 days, becouse I am still waiting for the reg/rec and the bike is still at grandparrents hous 170km away from me.

See ya!

As promissed here are the pictures of the brand new reg/rec.
In the box:

Reg/rec out of the box and the connector:

On the conector the wire colors are: brown&white/red&black->on the top and below all leads are yellow.



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