Kawasaki KLE 500 High front fender

Posted: 19/09/2011 in Modifications archives
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A few days ago I mounted a high front fender on my KLE 500, the original one was just to low. Here i will try to describe how I mounted the fender on the bike. So here goes.
1. Materials used:
-1x Acerbis Supermoto fender
-4x M6x70mm bolts
-8x M6 Washer
-4x M6 Safty nuts
-12x M6 normal nuts
-2x 90mmx20mmx3mm aluminium plates
-1x 90mmx150mmx3mm aluminium plate

2. Mounting
First of all I checked how far appart the holse on the fender need to be. I decided to go with 6mm holes 80mm appart(front to back), distance between left and right depends on the fender. After drilling the holes, I have cut two aluminium plates 90x20x3 and drilled the holes that mached with the fender holes, these plates will be below the botom yoke. Next on the list was to make a c shaped plate to go on top of the botom yoke. This plate can’t be straight as you have to avoid two blockers(all will be clear when you see the pics below). After making sure everything is done and lined up, I started bolting all the parts together.

Here are a few pics:
Top C-shaped plate, here you can see why it cant be straight:

Bottom side of the yoke, distance between fender and lower plates is 35mm to clear the front lights:

Botom side of the fender, washers are here and on the top of the fender:

On the bike:

This is not a finished product, still need to grind off all the sharp edges and make them round, and paint everything black. I also might use a bit thicker top plate as this one bent after tightning the nuts, but it doesnt move around at all.

Hope this helps anyone wanting to have a high fender on the KLE 500

See ya!

  1. ANDRASS says:


  2. shumilica says:

    Hi! Great blog. Where did you find to buy that windscreen/windshield for kle500? And how much was it? And why didn’t you do a review for it? 🙂 Was it any good protecting you from the wind?


    • Ghosty_SLO says:


      I got that screen on the bike when I bought it, so no idea on the price. It is a Puig racing screen (part nr: Dark Smoke REF. 1520F). I really liked it, I am a bit on a short size so most of the wind was deflected over my helmet. I didn’t do a review because I haven’t ridden with the original and couldn’t compare it to anything.


  3. martin oxley says:

    Hi im doing a high mud guard on my kle500 55plate the only problem im having is the speedo cable is to tight as ive raised the front 10mm any ideas of a way around this cheers martin

  4. cock_e says:


    Great blog you got here 🙂
    …and full of useful information.
    Just want to ask one thing: what’s the deal now when passing trough mud/water?
    Are you being splashed?

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